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Runmum Training Programs

Runnng programs
Runmum Run Programs

All Runmum Run Programs including strength, cross training and recovery scheduled days.

These programs are designed to ensure that you reach your distance feeling strong and ready.

Programs include;

Finding Your Feet - This program is for those starting out.  You like the idea of running and would love to try it but are unsure on what to do next, if you can or where to start.  Everything you need is right here!

10km Goal - You want to set yourself a new challenge this is a great next step program

21.1km Half Crazy - This half marathon program will see you get to the start line feeling prepared and cross the finish line feeling strong

42.2km Fully Crazy - Full Marathon Program will train not only you body but your mind to ensure you are ready to tackle the marathon!

Strength programs for runners
Runmum Strength Programs

Each of our Runmum Run Programs have strength built into it to ensure you achieve your goals and finish your distance strong. 

Being a runner isn't just about running, we need to ensure our bodies are strong, that each muscle group is doing what it is designed to do and not leaving all the work to other areas.

Scheduling strength into your program will allow you to cross the finish line stronger and will lessen the chance of injury.

Workouts for runner at home
Runmum Work Outs

There is no need for a gym membership or expensive equipment for these workouts!

We've put together workouts that you can do at home, in your lounge room, out in your garden as well as a park work out so the kids can play while you get your workout done!

Runmum Work outs will focus on building your cardio, endurance and strength.

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