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Runmum RunGirls

Runmum RunGirls program focuses on girls aged 12-18 years old and looks at a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing providing them with the tools and resources to enable them to grow, challenge themselves and support their peers to become the best version of themselves.
Runmum RunGirs training progams
Training Programs

Runmum RunGirls programs have been developed with a growing body, sense of place and purpose and developing mind in mind.

All programs have been written by qualified run coach with a passion for women's running and youth involvement.   

As well as running programs you will find workouts to do at home or at the park, strength programs and information and resources around emotional intelligence and self management.

-  Runmum - RunGirls - Find You Feet 5km in 8 weeks training program.

-  Runmum - RunGirls - 10km in 8 weeks training program.

Runmum mentor
Support all the way

Runmum RunGirls is more than just downloading a training program and ticking the boxes it's about encouraging girls to not only 'find their feet' but to find their place and support them in developing a sense of belonging, pride, self belief and deeper understand of themselves in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.



The only thing that is 100% in your control is you, how you manage yourself, how you react, how you treat people and how you allow situations to effect you.
These tools are designed to support your wellbeing, we will look at topics including

  • Happiness - why are some people more happy than others and what you can do about it

  • The brain - why do you do the things you do, how much is hard wired?

  • Managing yourself - looking at how you can improve your use of time and some tools.

  • 3 degrees of influence - do YOU really want to do that/like that/go there or are you being influenced?

  • Goal setting - how to set goals that are going to motivate you will allowing you to celebrate when you reach the set out come.

  • Your Toolbox - What are you doing with your time and what can you do to improve your well being.

More info on the brain, some great information to understand the impact it has here

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