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Runmum RunFree

Runmum RunFree is a program designed to support and empower women that are currently in challenging circumstances.  Our mission is to work with the running and fitness community to collect pre loved running shoes, active wear and accessories.  Through community partnerships we will provide women with a pair of shoes, any clothing that we can, along with the runmum Finding Your Feet 5km training program and some information on where they can find the runmum community and additional resources and tools. 
To find out more on the challenges that some women are facing in our community, have a look at these alarming statistics!

Runmum RunFree
Getting Involved

We can't do this without you!

We are always looking for places to collect on our behalf, running events to support the program and encourage participants to donate and provide a drop off area as well as business offering incentives for people to donate their pre loved runners and any active wear that is just sitting in a draw.  Please get in touch if you are able to assist in anyway.

Know an event or race director, fitness club or group that wants to get involved?  Download proposal here.

Are you a business that wants to get involved?  We would love to hear from you, please find the proposal here.

couch to 5km training program
Training Programs

Runmum training programs are free and available to everyone.  Starting with our Finding Your Feet 5km training program to our 42.2km Fully Crazy full Marathon program they are designed to have achieve your goal with all warm ups, strength and cool down sessions scheduled it means all you need to do is follow the program and watch the improvements.

Runmum isn't just for mums, we support all women and will support any women we can to become the best version of themselves.  Our Managing You resources and tools can assist in understanding why things impact you, how you can change your perspective and different tools to manager yourself and better understand yourself.

Charity Not For Profit

Through running you will challenge both your body and mind, turning the legs is the by product of running.  The real importance and surprise is the sense of achievement, amazement, the support and running community.  

The runmum community is inclusive and welcoming to all, offering support, encouragement, motivation, ideas, advice and inspiration we would love for you to join us and let us know how your training is going.

Email us or connect on the socials.

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