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Managing You

Runmum Managing You is of the most important areas of what we look at and focus on, when you can understand yourself and manage yourself well you will unlock and open yourself up to new possibilities and experiences.   Through emotional Intelligence information you will able to better understanding yourself, your values, what’s important to you and how and why your brain works the way it does allowing you to be more aware of the effect you have on others and why others effect you the way they do.

A huge thank you to Mel Neil for sharing her wealth of knowledge and allowing it to be shared onto you.  Mel is a positive psychology expert and is all about people maintaining the health of their minds just as they would their bodies, to perform at their very best each and every day.  Mel is all about the facts and research, cutting through the conceptual fluff. a free resource and more information were it’s all about #humansbeingbetterhumans. 

Your happiness
You and YOUR happiness
As humans we compare ourselves, we all know we shouldn’t but we do!  Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘why are they so happy?  Why aren’t I that happy, I have a great life ect ect’ well ladies, this for me was a complete mind blow! 
Let me introduce you to the happiness pie, why our levels of happiness differ and what we can all do about it.  Learn more about the Happiness Pie here.

Time managment
We all have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, it’s how we manage yourselves that are important as managing time or even ‘saving’ time isn’t an option, the clock keeps ticking no matter what we do.
We all have ‘big rocks’, learn more about them and how you can ensure they are being managed.
How does the brain work
What's going on between your ears?

The brains primary job is to save your life and up until now it’s been doing a pretty good job of it!  The human brain is wired negatively, to see everything as a possible threat and danger in order to do its job and keep you safe!  As humans have evolved our brains have also but what remains the same as our ancestors is our need for food, sleep and exercise this allows it to do it’s job.  Our brains still see threats and life or death situations in the same way as it always has, through our emotions, through what we tell it. Running from a sabretooth tiger is seen as the same threat as seeing the dishes pilling up after punching on over this for weeks, unless we learn to control our emotions and tell it other wise.  Learn more about the brain here

This is a good video that will explain the Amygdala Hijack, it's a good start to understanding

Stop telling yourself today will be crappy!

Your bring will focus on what you tell it is important!  If you tell it it will be a crappy day and that everything will be bad, guess what it will be!  the RAS is just doing it's job, your job is to make sure you focus on the 'real' important stuff!

Setting goals
We have all set goals and one time or another, but why didn’t we get the expected emotion of ‘Boom’ or ‘Yeah I did’ once completing them?  Why did we stay focused until things got a little tough or challenge, then let them slide? 

The answer to this and much more is about how we set them, the language we use and how our brains respond.

3 degrees of influence
How are you being influenced and who are you influencing?

We’ve all heard of the 3 degrees of separation theory, but the 3 degrees of influence will have you viewing your decisions, choices and world a little differently from now read more here.

Watch the video for more info here

What's going on under
the surface?

Think ocean, ship and iceberg on this one.  What is visible to the ship’s Captain is the small tip of the iceberg that sits above the water line, what the Captain doesn’t know is what is below the water and out sight, how can he possible know what is happening, what impact his orders will make and what will happen next?
Now think of yourself as the iceberg, those around you as the Captain and your world as the ocean. 


People only ever see the tip and some of us don’t even understand ourselves what lies beneath the water line.  Learning what lies beneath the surface for you will allow you to understand why you behave and react the way you do.  This theory will also help you understand those around you better.

What's your go to?

So you've had a bad week, a really bad week, what is your go to?

Is it fitness or exercise, spending time with your children, meditation, food?  
What if you become injured? 
What do you do when your children grow?

Learn more about what you can do to work on your choices becoming more balanced.

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