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About Runmum

Our Vision:  To provide all women a safe and inclusive environment with access to the tools and resources required to improve their health and wellbeing, regardless of age, religious & cultural beliefs, ability, status or economic profile while raising awareness around important social issues and challenges that impact women through charity partnerships and support.

Our Mission:  To support and empower women. To provide the tools and resources enabling them to be best version of themselves in a safe and inclusive environment.

Our Team:  Runmum was established in 2014 as a way of encouraging and supporting women and their families to become the best version of themselves.  In 2018 the Runmum Collective was formed allowing a group of determined, dedicated and strong women to collaborate and come together with new ideas and ideals to focus on different areas, to have a greater impact and enable them to do what they love while being part of change they wish to see in the world.

Runmum Jade Cranton
Jade Cranton

Founder - All things Runmum


Jade's passion is watching people 'find their feet' while discovering the best version of themselves.

Not athletic at all as a child she discovered running in 2012 and has completed many runs across a number of distances.
Her most memorable runs include crossing the marathon finish line with mates as well as both the London & Paris Marathon and more recently the Ned Kelly Chase 100km ultra marathon.

Jade holds no fitness qualifications and draws on her own personal experiences.  

Therese Younes
Therese Younes

Runmum RunCrew coordinator


Therese found 27kgs after swapping cigarettes for chocolate.  She had always walked but, could she run?  “Bloody hell I could and didn’t die!”

Then came HIIT and functional fitness, smashing sessions out like a machine, “I love it!  It wasn’t always like that, I started in the comfort of my lounge room, the struggle was real.”


‘Anyone can!’  My passion is supporting, motivating and being inspired by women in fitness.  FYI, I have been known to drop the F bomb, once or twice….  Oh and if it says 3 rounds, why not make it 4?  Happy Running

Therese holds fitness qualifications and draws on her own personal experiences.  

Support Crew

The amazing women behind the scenes  


Runmum has had continued support from a fantastic group of women that have believed and supported it from the beginning.

We are lucky to have some strong, supportive and passionate women that work alongside us to support our vision and Runmum's mission.  To you I say, thank you!  Thank you for your hard work, support  and belief xo

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