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The best version of you


What is Runmum?  We are a collective of passionate every day women that believe ALL women should have access to the tools and resources, information and support, to choose who they want to be and to have the freedom to define the best version of themselves.

Runmum isn't about ego, it isn't about who you are, where you are or where you've come from, it's about support, understanding and empowerment.  Runmum is all about #WomenSupportingWomen and believe we are #StrongerTogether 

Runmum RunCrew
Runmum RunGirls
Runmum RunFree

Training programs for all
levels of fitness 

Finding your feet 0-5km program

Virtual support

Self management and Well being

Start your OWN Runmum RunCrew with everything you need and more!

Specialised programs for preteens and young adults

Self management & Well being 



Runmum RunFree is a program designed to support and empower women that are currently in challenging circumstances.

We aim to supply these women with pre loved running shoes, clothing and resources to get them started

Part of the fitness industry or event director, we would love to have you on board!

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